Water is sacred. A living organism from which all life springs; we would not exist without it.

With 71% of the Earth’s surface and up to 75% of the human body made of water, our connection to water runs deeper than you may imagine.

Life begins floating in amniotic water with a similar salty makeup to the ocean. In embryonic development we transition from fish-like form to human, growing fins before hands. As we grow older, we develop amphibious reflexes that enable us to dive to great depths on a single breath.

Drinking pure water has the power to heal us, eliminating toxins and replenishing the body with (QI) energy. Epsom salts dissolved in warm water and absorbed through the skin work to relieve muscle tension, pain, and inflammation in joints.

Water gives us food to eat and air to breathe. Coral reefs – the lungs of the ocean – support coastal communities by attracting fish populations and provide protection against the tides. We transport people and goods across the ocean, helping economies to thrive.

Rivers, lakes and streams carry fresh water –  a finite, precious resource that is vital to our survival. Agriculture, industry and domestic life depend on the 0.7% of fresh water we have available to us.

Our watery wonders – Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe-Zambia), Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Suez Canal (Egypt) , Dead Sea (Israel), Lake Atitlan (Guatemala), Li-River (China) and many more – contribute tens of millions to our economy through tourism and have inspired travellers for generations.

Wildlife like polar bears, penguins, angel fish, otters, orcas, sea kelp, sting rays, whale sharks and billions more! Make our world a beautiful, enchanting and sustainable place to live.  

The ecosystem to which we, and all life on Earth belongs, is delicately balanced around water. It’s the most precious and abused resource on the planet. We pollute it, waste it, destroy life within it and think that it will always be there for us. It won’t.

Coral bleaching, rising sea levels and global warming are having a huge impact on our oceans. The Colorado river and others like it, no longer reaches the ocean for most of the year. Wetlands like estuaries, floodplains, and marshes, are being destroyed through drought or industrial use, preventing freshwater from replenishing itself. And we’re facing mass extinction of species and a global freshwater crisis that will cause wars like none we’ve seen before.

We must learn to look at water with fresh eyes. Seeing it for what it truly is – our greatest life force and biggest source of power. We should marvel in the awesomeness of everything water gives us and find ways to conserve the resources we have left.

Made of Water is home to a collection of stories that showcase ways to explore, conserve and enjoy our wonderful watery world and the life it gives us. Taking care of water has never been easier or more important than it is today. Let’s work together to value and protect it.

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