We thought we’d wet your appetite this week with 7 drops of watery goodness from around the web. Inspired by Ten Things over on Moral Fibres, we share our roundup of water articles, tips and inspiration that have got us thinking or feeling excited about our wonderful watery world.
  1. We’re a world obsessed with drinking bottled water. It’s crazy considering that most bottled water comes from the tap or contains harmful toxins. Here’s 7 reasons to break the bad habit.
  1. Guess what? There’s no need to wash your favourite threads as much as you do.
  1. The sad truth is that he’s probably right –  the money’s in the water.
  1. Strength comes in many forms. I’d rather be strong like water, wouldn’t you?
  1. Do you drink enough water? Here’s what you look like without it.
  1. Water conscious clothing brands are on our mind this week. If you’re a fan of Levi, then you’ll love them even more after reading Made of Water’s latest article.
  1. Summer may have passed (or not come at all!) but that doesn’t stop us from planning our next water adventure holiday. Especially when it’s as tempting as this #waterlust getaway.

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