Hanli Prinsloo is a world class freediver and CEO of I am Water, an ocean conservation foundation that aims to cultivate a society of “blue minds”.

In her fascinating TED Talk, Hanli proclaims,

“I am aware that I’m nothing without the water inside of me or the water around me.”

Hanli then challenges us to be mindful..

“We think so much of where we’ve come from and so much of where we’re going, I wish we’d think more of where we are.

And where we are, is in this perfectly beautiful, fantastic body we’ve been given that can freedive; that remembers a life in water.”

I’ve written about accomplishing mindfulness through freediving before. It’s as Hanli says, once you’ve opened up to the ocean and her salty embrace, you find a sense of peace and comfort that’s unlike anything found on dry land.

Some may say it’s extreme, but to me, freediving is the gateway to complete calmness and relaxation. In freediving, I find connection to the higher self and I’m reminded of the timeless bond between water and human consciousness.

We are as one.

In a final call to the ocean, South Africa’s Hanli Prinsloo says..

“There’s a seal inside all of us.”

A furry aquatic creature that remembers how to be in water – if only we’d forget our dependence on air and release our inhibitions.

In doing so, we open up another world to us.

One that’s abundant with life and possibilities; where wildlife accepts us for the sea dwelling creatures we used to be and still are.

And in seeing our watery cousins with fresh eyes, we’re made aware of how beautiful and mystical life is underwater and how we should take better care of it before it’s too late.

Hanli’s message is clear:

“Come on in, the water’s good.”